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Battery Bar Features

Don't guess, know with just a glance!

With Battery Bar you won't ever have to guess how long your laptop's battery will last. Battery Bar always shows you exactly how much time your laptop's battery will run. Battery Bar uses the most accurate time prediction algorithm on the market today. It also displays the current percentage of battery power left. Battery Bar is intelligent, the more you use Battery Bar the more accurate it gets. Battery Bar continuously displays status icons so that you can always tell if your battery is on AC, charging, battery power, or if your battery is low. Battery Bar will also let you specify a battery percentage level that when reached Battery Bar will shut down the computer. Battery Bar has the ability to run on top of all other programs so that it is always visible. Battery Bar is small so that you have plenty of screen space for other programs.

Battery Bar Features:

  • Always visible with a quick glance.  Capable of always on top mode.
  • Status color scheme, blue is using battery power, red is low battery, green is battery charging, and purple is AC power with a full battery.
  • Status icons are displayed on the Battery Bar and in the system tasktray, i.e. by the clock.
  • When running on battery power, Battery Bar shows the exact amount of battery life left.
  • When charging the battery, Battery Bar shows the amount of time until the battery is charged.
  • Can be placed anywhere on the screen and it can automatically snap to the nearest screen edge.
  • User configurable warning percentage level.
  • Automatic computer shutdown at user configurable percentage level.
  • Quick access to help screen.
  • Popup hints.
  • Registered version has free unlimited e-mail technical support.
  • Works with Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, does not work with Windows NT.

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