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CodeSnipIt Download

Trial Version

The trial version allows you to use a fully functional CodeSnipIt completely nag-free for 30 days.

Installer Details

CodeSnipIt requires the Microsoft .NET Framework, MDAC 2.6 or greater and JET 4 or greater. Both the Standard and Full installers will check if the .NET Framework is installed. If necessary the installer will download and install the .NET Framework, (requires an active internet connection). The standard installer does not include MDAC or JET. If you don't have at least MDAC 2.6 and JET 4, or if you are not sure if you have both MDAC 2.6 and JET 4, then you should install the Full Install which includes both of these database components.

Version 1.0

Standard Installer - No MDAC or JET ~1.4MB
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Full Installer - Includes MDAC 2.6 and JET 4 ~20.5MB
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