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I have started Outlook and received a new e-mail and I still don't see the New Mail Notifier window?

In Outlook choose the menu item "Tools" then "Options".

If you see a "New Mail Notifier" tab check the following:
On the "Advanced" tab uncheck the "Auto-dismiss when 3rd party programs move e-mail"
Make sure the new e-mail isn't going into an ignored folder. The ignored folders are on the "Advanced" tab.

If you don't see a "New Mail Notifier" tab check the following:
1) Reboot your computer.

2) Press the Windows "Start" button, then "Settings", then "Control Panel". From the Control Panel select "Add or Remove Programs", select "Nistech New Mail Notifier for Outlook 2000/XP/2003" and press the "Change/Remove" button, from the options select "Remove", finally press "Next>" and follow the prompts to finish the uninstall.

3) Go to www.nistech.com and download the newest version of New Mail Notifier.

4) Install the New Mail Notifier you just downloaded.

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