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Battery Bar Features

  Know how much battery power is left with just a glance.

  Runs on top of all other programs, yet is small enough that it's never in the way.

CodeSnipIt Features

  Store all of your valuable code snipit's in one convenient place.

  Organize code by language and category.

  Quickly searches through code to find what you're looking for.

New Mail Notifier Features

  Save time by not reading unimportant e-mail.

  Displays the sender name, e-mail, subject, a portion of the e-mail message, and more for each new e-mail Outlook receives.

  Open, reply, forward, or delete a new e-mail without having to switch to Outlook.

Send Zipped Features

  Send e-mail like you normally do and Send Zipped takes care of zipping the attachments.

  Only zips the files you want it to.  Advanced file size and file type filters.

  Advanced naming features.  Let Send Zipped name the zip files for you, or select meaningful filenames yourself.

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